What is LIFT?

LIFT stands for Lupus Interval Monitoring to Manage Disease Flare and Enable Treatment Optimization and is an observational research study. LIFT uses health information and a few drops of blood collected from the convenience of home to develop an at-home blood test to help monitor disease activity and response to treatment.

Lupus is not the same for everyone. Learning about your unique experience, we are better able to understand how you and others are affected by lupus. Researchers can then develop personalized tools to help you manage lupus.

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LIFT is sponsored by DxTerity Diagnostics, a Los Angeles based genomics company. At DxTerity, we believe that regular, at-home disease monitoring based on your genomics and personal health information can dramatically improve the management of your lupus. Together we can identify and spot disease flares before they happen.

Our goal for the future – those diagnosed with lupus will have the knowledge and power to live confidently.

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